For over four decades, machining has been a core competency at K&S. Our machining capability exceeds many stand-alone manufacturers because we take a strategic approach to vertical metal manufacturing. Our machining capabilities include prototyping, tools, jigs and fixtures. We offer a turning range of up to a 17-inch diameter and in-bed machining capacity of up to 17,000 pounds.  K&S has the capability to meet our customer’s largest precision-machined requirements, including horizontal, vertical, turning, milling, grinding and wire EDM. 

Machining Centers

  • X:84Y:49.5Z:35 17,636 pound bed capacity
  • Turning through 17” diameter x 60” 
  • Vertical Mills - 3,500 pound bed capacity 
  • Horizontal Mills - 4,000 pound bed capacity  
  • Wire EDM - Submerged and CNC 
  • Grinders - Blanchard, wet, cylindrical, end and profile to 48”